How To Make Potatoes With Ribs At Home

The potatoes with ribs are one of the most traditional, rich, and economic stews there. The secret lies in the simplicity of its ingredients. Some pork ribs, some quality potatoes, and a good pinch of paprika from La Vera are enough to make a dish as tasty as it is easy to prepare. If you have never tried doing it, I encourage you to do so; It will be good for sure.

Also, when you go to buy the ribs, ask the butcher to cut them in half, preferably with the saw so they don’t splinter. In this way, the dish will be much more pleasant to eat and you will not have to bite into each whole rib.

And getting to the point, do you want to know how to make potatoes with ribs? Well, right now I’m going to tell you. Go!

Potatoes With Ribs

Potatoes With Ribs

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 2 hours
Additional Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 2 hours 30 minutes

To make this potato stew with ribs, or ribs with potatoes, depending on the proportion of ingredients you adjust, you can choose marinated or Non-marinated pork ribs. If you are going to use the natural, remember not to add too many spices to the recipe, as the flavor would be too powerful.


  • 1 kg¬†Pork Ribs (mine were non-marinated)
  • 1 kg Potatoes (5 or 6 potatoes)
  • 1 Large Onion
  • 2 Cloves of Garlic
  • 1 Green Pepper
  • 1/2 Red Pepper
  • 1 Large Ripe Tomato
  • 2 Level Tablespoons of Paprika From La Vera
  • 1 Level Tablespoon Dried Oregano
  • 1 Glass of White Wine
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • 1.25 Liters of Water (approximately)


    1. Ingredients for making potatoes with ribs:
    2. Brown the pork ribs: Pour some olive oil into a large pot or casserole. When hot, brown the ribs over high heat until they take color. Turn them over with the help of tweezers so that they are marked all over. Reserve them.Brown the pork ribs
    3. Chopping the vegetables from the potato stew with ribs: Cut the vegetables into brunoise, that is, into small cubes. Don't forget to peel the tomato before chopping it. To remove the skin you can scald it or use a special peeler.Saute the onion and garlic wellSaute the vegetables until you get a good sauce
    4. Add the onion: In the same oil where you have browned the ribs, add the onion along with a pinch of salt. Cook it for 10 minutes or so over medium heat and without letting it toast. If you see that you need a little more olive oil, you can add it.
    5. Add the chopped peppers: When the onion begins to be soft, add the chopped peppers and let everything cook over low heat for 10 more minutes.
    6. Add the tomato and fry: Next, add the tomato and fry it for another 5 or 10 minutes or so. The idea is to make a well-poached sauce that adds a lot of flavor to the stew.
    7. Wash, peel & cut the potatoes: While the vegetables are being made, you can wash, peel and cut the potatoes into pieces. Remember that to make this type of traditional stews you must click the potatoes. That is, to cut each piece, put the knife a little and, halfway through the cut, turn it towards you slightly, so that the rest of the potato breaks. With this simple gesture, you make the potato release more starch, thanks to which the stew broth will be thicker.
    8. Add the 2 tablespoons of paprika: When the sauce is ready, add the 2 tablespoons of paprika de la Vera and cook it for 1 minute, without letting it burn. Add the oregano and potatoes. Give them a few turns to get the flavor of the sauce.Add the paprika from La Vera, the oregano and drizzle with the white wine
    9. Pour the glass of white wine: Now turn up the heat a little and pour the glass of white wine. Let the alcohol evaporate.
    10. Add the marked ribs and potatoes: Next, add the marked ribs and potatoes. Cover the ingredients with water, cover the container, and let everything cook for about 25 to 30 minutes or until the potatoes are tender. So that the broth is not too liquid, initially add 1 liter of water more or less. If during cooking you see that more is needed, add it.Add the ribs and cover with water
    11. Serve the stewed potatoes with: Finally, try the salt point and serve the stewed potatoes with very warm ribs.


Tips for making ribs with potatoes:

    1. If you are in a hurry you can use a pressure cooker, although I like the traditional method better. In that case, the cooking time would be approximately 10 minutes.
    2. The trick to getting the potato to its point is something as simple as tasting them. That is why I prefer to make these stewed potatoes with ribs without a pressure cooker because that way I control both the point of the potato and the thickness of the broth. The cooking time that I indicate is approximate because depending on the variety of potatoes or the size of the pieces they will take more or less time to be ready.
    3. Is the stew ready and you have a broth too light for your taste? It has a solution: crush some pieces of potato and mix them with the broth. This will thicken it up a bit.
    4. As I mentioned above, so that the stew is pleasant to eat, make sure that the ribs are not too big. Ideally, they should be split at the butcher, taking care that the bone does not splinter.
    5. This dish combines phenomenally with the intensity of the paprika flavor, so I add a generous amount to it, but you can add the mixture of spices that you like the most. Thyme, bay leaf, and cloves, for example, go great in this stew.
    6. Buy some good potatoes, better if they are special for cooking. In general, the new potato has less starch than the later ones, so it would be better to opt for the latter.
    7. As you already know, stews gain in flavor from one day to the next. Do not hesitate to prepare this recipe the day before because the next day it will be even richer. Of course, the amount you prepare should be consumed in 2 or 3 days, since the potato does not look good if we freeze it.

Nutrition Information
Yield 4 Serving Size 1
Amount Per Serving Calories 1246Total Fat 82gSaturated Fat 24gTrans Fat 1gUnsaturated Fat 38gCholesterol 263mgSodium 422mgCarbohydrates 65gFiber 9gSugar 8gProtein 60g

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