Who is Foodnis!

Behind this project is me, Rimutik, a big fan of cooking in general and desserts in particular. Well, and I’m also fond of art, cinema, music. The fact is that since I was little I have liked that of staining my hands with flour, cracking eggs, and trying to make desserts of all kinds, some with better tact than others.

I do not know if it is a defect or a virtue, but I am unable to follow a recipe to the letter. I always have to give it a personal touch: modify the quantities, add an ingredient, remove another. And I had a bad habit of never writing down anything, which made my dishes practically unrepeatable, but in its most negative sense. They never came out the same again! From this circumstance and from my love of writing, which for something the title of Journalism will have to be worth, Foodnis was born.

What is Kitchen Code? Very easy. This blog aims to be a cookbook that allows me to collect my first steps in the kitchen and, at the same time, share them with others. More than once they have told me that “pass me the recipe.

I don’t like to get cheesy, but I firmly believe that cooking is a more beautiful way of caring for those around us; a way of saying “I love you”. That is why I love preparing dishes for others with which I try to surprise and delight them. I hope that those who like cooking and gastronomy enjoy this blog as much as I do, as it is made with great dedication and love, essential ingredients in any dish.

If you want to contact me you can write to me at this email address:

[email protected]

Welcome to Foodnis!