Hill Country Chicken

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A small restaurant chain based in New York. Hill Country Chicken is inspired by its founder's childhood memories and his passion for the Texas-style home cooking of his mother and grandmothers, Betty and Mama Els – hearty, crave-able comfort food served lovingly, casually and unpretentiously by people with big smiles on their faces.

Scoozzi Family Restaurant

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Scoozzi’s Family Restaurant is located on a wonderful spot in Dundalk, Maryland since 1995.  The Business owner Filippos, travels every year to many countries gathering the most authentic recipes for his restaurant.

Chicago Curry House

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Curry House Indian and Nepali Restaurant, located in the South Loop area presents yet another facet of the abundant cultural diversity of Chicago. Chicago Curry House features an array of classic Indian and Nepali food.

Papa John's

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Papa John's Pizza is an American restaurant company. It runs the third largest take-out and pizza delivery restaurant chain in the world.

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